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Got Chocolate?

I’ve always heard that eating chocolate produces those good-feeling endorphins that can turn a frown upside down, and though I would say I find chocolate to give me a general sense of comfort (at times, I’m not a big chocolate lover normally) it wasn’t until last week that I really experienced that “chocolate high”.

Because of the diet restrictions I’ve had over the last month, I went three weeks without eating chocolate of any kind. Because of the dairy problems I’ve had I was advised to steer clear of milk chocolate, however, as I mentioned, I’m not a big chocolate buff. I tend to prefer the salty snacks to the sweet ones, so avoiding chocolate was relatively easy.

The thing I was really missing was milk. Last week I decided to remedy this by purchasing a lactose-free protein drink that was chocolate flavor -to trick my brain into thinking I was drinking chocolate milk.

Well within minutes of my first sip of this chocolate “milk” I found myself smiling and laughing for the first time in weeks. It appears that after living off of nothing but potatoes and pasta, a chocolate high can pack a powerful punch!

It never ceases to amaze me how something as simple as a chocolate protein drink could help improve my mood.

This morning’s chocolate “milk” drink is dedicated to the anniversary of this blog -which just happens to be today! Hooray!