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Antipsychotic Drugs Grow More Popular for Patients Without Mental Illness

The Washington Post‘s Sandra G. Boodman sheds some light on an issue that is apparently spreading across the country like wildfire in the article:

“Antipsychotic Drugs Grow More Popular for Patients Without Mental Illness” 

As someone who has some first hand experience taking antipsychotics (and who has a diagnosis that actually warrants their use) I am amazed people are willingly taking them when arbitrarily prescribed. With side effects like extreme sedation and potential rapid weight gain, I could barely take them at all -and I’m someone who can actually benefit from their main purpose!

Antipsychotics play an extremely important role for many folks with mental illness, and for many people they have been something of a godsend. The abuse of these medications could potentially have a resounding negative effect on those of us who actually need them, so I think this is something to keep yourself informed about if an antipsychotic is part of your regimen.

I also wanted to take a moment to stress the importance of asking your doctor questions, being prescribed psychiatric medications through a psychiatrist (whenever possible), and to investigate the medications you are given prior to taking them. Read the pamphlets, talk to your doctor, and to your pharmacist.

I really encourage folks to stay informed regarding all medications they are taking to avoid being prescribed unnecessary medications, or medications that may put your health at greater risk.

I thought I would include a link to it here for anyone interested in finding out more, but I want to add a quick warning: if your perception of the American health care system hasn’t already been shattered, you may just want to skip this one…

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Lives Restored; Managing Severe Mental Illness

I stumbled upon this series in the New York Times recently called:

“Lives Restored; Managing Severe Mental Illness”

It was originally published in October (but somehow slipped past my radar) -I would highly recommend checking this series out. For better or worse, they’re a lot different than anything I’ve read in the NY Times up to this point.

Part 1 – Rescuing Others
Expert on Mental Illness Reveals Her Own Fight

Part 2 – Living with Voices
Learning to Cope with a Mind’s Taunting Voices 

Part 3 – Finding a Life That Fits
A High-profile Executive Job as Defense Against Mental Ills

Part 4 – Meaning in Madness
Finding Purpose After Living With Delusion

Part 5 – Dual Diagnoses
After Drugs and Dark Times, Helping Others to Stand Back Up

I was pretty shocked that all of the people in this series came forward and were willing to share their stories with the NY Times, something I find incredibly inspiring (even if I don’t agree 100% with everything said). Anyway, this series gave me a little hope -not necessarily in becoming stable or finding my place in this world, but hope that people want to hear more, they want to learn about what people with mental illness go through, and that there are others trying hard to help fight the stigma surrounding it.

Check it out!