When In Doubt, Give Thanks

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays, despite landing around (and sometimes on) my birthday. It isn’t the football that gets my gears going or the food (though I love turkey), but what the day often causes so many people to stop and do that they don’t do every day.

Consider the things we are thankful for.

In the circles I roll in I’ve heard a lot of backlash about Valentines day, simply because many of my friends believe that we should be telling the people we love that we love them whenever we have the chance… not just once a year.

However, I rarely hear this sentiment about Thanksgiving. Taking time out of a holiday to consider the things we are thankful for has always been one of those warm, fuzzy moments for me because it forces people to look at the world in an appreciative way… something I think we could all benefit a little more from every day.

When dealing with depression or difficult family/relationship situations or even just the general stress of the oncoming holiday season it can be genuinely difficult to shift gears into considering the things that we cherish as opposed to focusing on the things that are seriously stressing us out… but to me that is the magic of Thanksgiving. People across the country are practicing shifting their perspectives, often taking a brief moment to improve their moods and the moods of those around them without potentially even realizing what they’ve done.

And if people can do this once a year, who knows? Feeling thankful might be something that starts to spread amongst us once the rain has settled in Seattle for two months solid, or when the sun peaks out again, or when we’re having too much fun in the Summer to even remember the long winters.

For those reasons, this year one of the things I am most thankful for is Thanksgiving for reminding me,

when in doubt, give thanks.


2 responses to “When In Doubt, Give Thanks

  1. What a great post! Gratitude is great.

  2. I wrote my gratitude list yesterday! I hope it does spread 🙂

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