Big Changes for Psychiatric Experiments

I know many people who are furious at the method in which psychiatric drugs are prescribed (generally at random until we find one that alleviates our symptoms) and are also extremely concerned that doctors and researchers don’t understand more about the brain (and our disorders).

This month, things are changing. The National Institute for Mental Health based in Bethesda, Maryland is changing its grant process for psychiatric drug research.  Research can no longer be focused on just alleviating symptoms, but must also help us learn about the brain and psychiatric disorders.

“The new rules, which will apply to the grant cycle that begins in June, also seek to increase transparency by requiring faster online registration of trials and stricter guidelines for reporting results.”

The full article from can be found here and is quite interesting, I urge you to give it a read!

3 responses to “Big Changes for Psychiatric Experiments

  1. This is what I’m talking about. Let us not just accept this, let’s see about eliminating it or what causes it. Something, not just random trials of drugs and treatments. Thank you for posting this.

  2. Oh thank goodness. Thank you for sharing this! I’m going to keep the article open on a tab so I can read it when I get back from work… cause just yes!

    I am so tired of Physicians not treating or even addressing mental illnesses. I’ve been on this one medication for over a year now, with no goal or roadmap. It’s like so many people, when diagnosed, are just put on the road of eternal “treatment” with no resolution.

  3. It’s about damn time!! This is a way overdue, very welcome change to the psychiatric community. Thanks for sharing…

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