Warm Yellow Globe!

Yesterday I experienced a day with my mood chart recording my mood in all zeros. That is a great thing, because that means my mood was stable all day.

I am hoping (rather wildly) that this means I am coming out of my most recent depression finally. It has been a pretty solid two months (if not longer, I’d have to check), but those two months were at the very least horrific.

Though part of me feels hopeful that I’ll be awarded (for my patience) a short, sweet stretch of hypomania, I am perfectly happy with my mood doing nothing for a little while. That sure would be nice!

My luck, otherwise, certainly hasn’t changed. Every day I seem to get more and more bad news, yesterday included. Somehow my mood just seemed to skate past it yesterday, which I wish I could understand better because generally that response is unusual for me.

As much as I’d live to believe all of this is a product of things just bouncing back or working themselves out, I think it has something to do with the fact that the sun has finally started coming out in Seattle again. Hooray! Warm yellow globe!

One response to “Warm Yellow Globe!

  1. I didn’t know what I’d be reading about when I clicked your link for “warm yellow globe.” Nice little piece. For every high there must be a low. A regulatory problem, apparently. I guess that means the lows can be enjoyed more because one knows the high is coming next. I still hate regulatory problems. Stability can be relaxing, but boring. Good luck.

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