Daily Archives: March 11, 2014

Rock Bottom Revisions

I’m having a very difficult time posting lately, as I try hard not to let this blog become a whiny rant-fest. The trouble is that things (which I thought last week couldn’t really get any worse) have gotten worse.

Yesterday I found out my medical coverage at the local hospital was revoked without my knowledge a few weeks ago, and I was not informed of this at any of the appointments I’ve had since then (appointments that I now owe hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for).

This means my entire healthcare team (not just my psychiatrist as I suspected last week) has been obliterated.

As much as I thought my hand was being forced before, I have no other choice now but to sign up for medicaid as fast as humanly possible.

As far as good news is concerned, this turn of events has left me ready to take action (as I have no other moves left I can make). I am also hoping this, right now, is hitting rock bottom… though I thought that might be the case last week and it definitely wasn’t. Fingers crossed!

Hopefully by later this week I’ll have something more interesting and blog-worthy to post. Stay tuned!