Daily Archives: January 1, 2014

A Hospitalization Free New Year

After reflecting on the events of 2013 I came to a rather important conclusion:

Any year that does not involve a psychiatric hospitalization is a good year.

Thanks to not working, I managed to scrape through this year without any hospitalizations or emergency room visits. I credit this to taking it easy (and not working), my extremely patient boyfriend, my own persistence, and a bit of luck.

This may not have been the most memorable of years, or the most fulfilling, and it definitely wasn’t the most productive, but living with bipolar disorder I expect thing to go up and down (and they do). What this has left me with is the total appreciation when things aren’t entirely shitty… which may sound like I’m setting the bar low, but I know my sheer gratitude for not being so sick I had to rely on a company of strangers to take care of me leaves me more grateful than many people who take their health for granted every day.

So, dear readers, though I wish you stability this new year, I wish you fulfilling livelihoods, and to be around people that love you, what I hope most is that with a good support system, some personal persistence, and a bit of luck, we can all have a hospitalization-free 2014.