Daily Archives: December 2, 2013

Canadians Denied Entry Into US Due to Mental Illness

Apparently, on several occasions, US border patrol has denied entry into the United States to Canadian citizens who have a history of mental illness. 

It really surprised me to learn that these Canadians weren’t trying to move to the US or anything, they were simply trying to cross the border for a vacation! 

Canadian medical records are supposed to be confidential, but the database Canadian authorities use to keep police records are shared with the border patrols. In one instance of this discrimination, a woman had a record of police entering her home when her significant other called 911 when she attempted suicide years earlier. Though she attempted to to cross the border after several years of therapy and with much improvement in her depression, she was denied access to the US. 

US border patrol are allowed to deny border access to anyone “deemed a threat to themselves, others, or their property” but to assume anyone with a history of mental illness is considered a threat is extremely ignorant.

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