Daily Archives: October 28, 2013

Seeing the Effects of Suicide First Hand

It is Monday, and frankly the most beautiful day I’ve seen in Seattle for weeks… honestly this isn’t what I wanted to start my week sharing, but it is all I’ve been able to think about.

Over the weekend my boyfriend and I found out that someone in our lives has commit suicide.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a first for us, and I remember the feelings of shock and confusion all too well when this happened with another friend last year.

As someone who has bipolar disorder, it can often feel like I spend most of my time feeling suicidal, and being so familiar with this trick of the mind coming from pain or mental illness or stress makes it easier (but not easy) to understand these situations.

I also feel, however, that being someone prone to suicidality, that one of the best preventative measures I’ve ever experienced is seeing the effects suicide has first hand on someone I truly care about. Witnessing my boyfriend’s reactions to this whole situation really puts into perspective what might happen if something were to happen to me. He isn’t someone I would ever want to hurt, making the fight for life that much more important.

In the end, these moments always remind me how important it is to remind people that they can ask for help, that they aren’t alone, and to share your experiences with the people around you. We don’t always know who needs our help the most, so being willing to give it at any time is the most important thing of all.