Sick and Sore

Well, this week has been a sick one. I picked up some kind of flu that made me sleep for 14 hours at a time and flung my mood into a wobbly space where I was tearful 24/7 (as I predicted might happen here).

I wanted to give some explanation as to why the writing has been sparse. Though I’m feeling better, it seems like my brain (and mood) haven’t quite recovered, making it hard to do things like draw conclusions, focus, or not hold weird prejudices against people for no apparent reason.

In any case, stay tuned.

2 responses to “Sick and Sore

  1. Do feel better and drink tea and take care of yourself. Very importantly, try to remember to remind yourself that your tearful feelings are not because of you being or having anything wrong or new occurring, but that it could be flu medications or the flu or sickness itself doing a number on your systems. Essentially, please be good to yourself.

  2. I hope you mend quickly! The flu always makes me feel all the miseries.

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