Affordable Health Care Act Goes Into Effect Today

I wanted to take a minute to remind everyone that the affordable health care act goes into effect today (as if you haven’t seen it blaring on every channel).

I am definitely excited at the prospect of so many Americans with mental illness being able to receive treatment they wouldn’t otherwise have access to or be able to afford.

You can definitely expect to hear more from my end on different aspects of how the new healthcare system can work for you, but in the meantime I wanted to let out a little hooray and direct you to where many of your initial questions can be answered.

Don’t stress! Though the act goes into effect today, enrollment on your end doesn’t need to happen until March 31, 2014 so you still have plenty of time to learn more before deciding what plan you want and what action you’d like to take.

One response to “Affordable Health Care Act Goes Into Effect Today

  1. Just an FYI. The Washington state enrollment website has been down all day with no estimated up time. Omg we got what we wanted, government run health insurance! Lol! Hope it’s not an omen. Don’t get me wrong, I totally support the Affordable Health Care Act. I was hoping for single payer in fact. And right now my 19 yo daughter is paying $125 a month for catastrophic coverage only with $3500 deductible. I called the Washington insurance info line and they quoted a 70/30 plan for about $188 for her so it looks like we will have to pay more in premiums but actually be able to afford a doctors visit. Hard to tell if we will save. Go to and follow the link to planfinder. Splash page has a phone number you can call for info while the website is down. They were pretty helpful. My guess it will take a year of hell to work all the bugs out of the country wide implementation. Good luck everybody!

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