Daily Archives: October 1, 2013

Affordable Health Care Act Goes Into Effect Today

I wanted to take a minute to remind everyone that the affordable health care act goes into effect today (as if you haven’t seen it blaring on every channel).

I am definitely excited at the prospect of so many Americans with mental illness being able to receive treatment they wouldn’t otherwise have access to or be able to afford.

You can definitely expect to hear more from my end on different aspects of how the new healthcare system can work for you, but in the meantime I wanted to let out a little hooray and direct you to healthcare.gov where many of your initial questions can be answered.

Don’t stress! Though the act goes into effect today, enrollment on your end doesn’t need to happen until March 31, 2014 so you still have plenty of time to learn more before deciding what plan you want and what action you’d like to take.

Revenge of the Tremors

Like many others, I first started experiencing tremors when I began taking Lithium. My knees would wobble, my hands would shake, and suddenly my handwriting looked like that of someone in grade school.

Since starting Lithium in early 2011 though, the tremors have mostly disappeared. I would say for the first six to eight months they were pretty significant, but then they faded away (to my pleasant surprise).

Yesterday I was on a mission to take Luna to the vet. The vet’s office is about a mile and a half away, and for reasons I will spare you, I needed to get Luna there without letting her walk around. That meant carrying the 16 pound dog up a very steep hill, waiting for a bus, and then carrying her from the bus stop to the vet’s office on the other end of the ride.

Not a big deal, right? I am young(ish). I’m by no means strapping, but I thought I would just suck it up and handle it.

After five minutes of standing and holding (a very confused) Luna at the (wet) bus stop I began to have second thoughts about my plan. I could see that the muscles in my arms were becoming strained, and not only was Luna shaking from the cold, but I began shaking from the weight.

By the time we made it to the vet, the tremors had returned with a vengeance. Something about the combination of fatigue and strain left me with hands that were fluttering wildly. I tried to itch my nose and instead slapped myself in the ear as onlookers in the vet’s office pretended not to notice. Using the touch screen on my iphone was a definite impossibility.

As time wore on yesterday (and I didn’t carry anything else around) things settled down, but I was shocked at how quickly and severely the tremors returned in a time of strain. I guess I’d have to say now I know better, and I will definitely be on the look out for similar situations again.