Government Shutdown and Social Security Disability

So it is all over the news right now, a potential government shutdown (something this country hasn’t seen since the 90’s) may be imminent. When I heard that the government would be operating on a very trimmed down version of itself, I was a little nervous. After all, I have been waiting for my social security disability hearing date for months, would this affect my application?

Here are a couple of the big questions (and answers) I found while trolling the internet.

In a government shutdown, are Social Security Disability payments affected? No, for those who have been awarded social security disability,  checks should be sent out on time.

What happens to my Social Security Disability hearing if the government shuts down? From what I read, hearings will most likely continue but staff will be trimmed down, ultimately causing delays in scheduling and decision making.

(Great, more delays, just what I need!)

If the government shuts down, what happens to my Social Security Disability application? The answer here is a little more unclear, during the last government shutdown the employee cuts made it difficult for processing new applications, so there very well could be delays in this arena as well.

Overall, if you already receive Social Security Disability benefits, you shouldn’t run into any problems. For those of us who have applied and are waiting (or are about to apply) there could be more waiting involved in what is already a very long process.

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11 responses to “Government Shutdown and Social Security Disability

  1. I just got notice that my hearing will be January 30th. That is after nearly two years of working on this with an attorney. Best of luck to all who are trying to get disability. I welcome any future posting on how to prepare for your hearing.

    • Best of luck to you. I waited 3 years with a lawyer. I got my disability, but only in part. I had to appeal for another 3 years to get all the money I was entitled too. Now the laws have changed and they are only awarding ONE year of back pay. My thoughts and prayers go out to you.

  2. Wow! I get SSDI and haven’t even wondered about this. I am moving and worrying about other things, but thanks for letting us know about this. It’s hard to understand and navigate the Social Security system and you explained this nicely.

  3. I have a mental disability, and since the shut down I have not received my electronic check in my bank account. Will I have to wait until the government comes back online? I had just started working. I was doing well. I finally had some money, and then someone hit my unoccupied, parked car. Met Life has refused to do there job. So, I have had to spend every dime I own to get the vehicle I use for work fixed, and pay for rides to work. I have now been without money or food for three days. Everything I have done, I have done so that I would no longer need government assistance. Now, because of all that gone on, if I do not receive the check by tomorrow, everything I have worked is honestly gone. Thank you for listening.

  4. thank GOD!

  5. my boyfriend of 8 years has been fighting for his ssd for 5 years now and still the wait gose on. now we are homeless and living off of my very very low income.

  6. my boyfriend of 8 years has been fighting for his for 5 years now we are now homeless and living off of my very very small income and he would like to work so badly but due to conditions he is unable to i feel it is very sad the goverment is only thinking about themself and not for the people

  7. I recently applied and now the local office has all the necessary information, per a phone call from the person I thought was handling my case but turns out to be the person who oversees the claims. I was hopeful when she said she would look into it and see if “we can try to help you somehow” however, I keep hearing, and noting the above comments, that the process can take months to years. Should I just give up?

    • I have been waiting for 1.5 yrs and had a lawyer the last year. I have been told that it takes awhile to get your hearing after you have been denied. I finally got a hearing for January 30th. Don’t give up, but hire a lawyer is highly recommended. Good luck

  8. I just had my hearing, results came back in my favor. I am fortunate, that it was only a 2 year wait,,,1 year of that with my lawyer. I am curious though, as to since I have not received the details of the benefits I am entitled too…will my case move forward? or being put on hold? Anyone know?

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