Daily Archives: September 9, 2013

Latuda Patient Assistance Program

For those of you who have been reading fairly consistently, you probably know that a relatively new drug called Latuda has been approved to treat bipolar depression.

My doctor recently suggested this new medication as one for me to try, but I wanted to do a little research about it myself before going there. After all, I knew there was no way I could afford a new medication like that, even with my best tricks at the pharmacy.

As it turns out, like many other psychiatric drugs out there, there is a patient assistance program for Latuda, which means you may be eligible to receive a year’s worth at no cost to you. 

I personally experienced using one of these programs to receive Geodon for free when I was taking it, and though I must say the paperwork in the beginning was a little taxing (having my doctors fill out the forms, faxing them to the company, and then waiting what felt like an eternity to hear back) I received two packages with six months of medication at a time, completely free with no strings attached.

If your current medications aren’t doing the trick and your doctor has suggested Latuda, and especially if you have a low income and no insurance, I would highly suggest the Sunovion Support patient assistance program for Latuda.

For a long time, being expected to pay hundreds of dollars for my medications left me feeling hopeless, but these programs are designed to help those who can’t pay on their own.

These programs exist for a number of psychiatric medications, you can find a list of the patient assistance programs I know of in the Links portion of this website.