Daily Archives: August 2, 2013

The Medication List

With things burning out so quickly with the Geodon I’ve been working on updating my medication list.

This list is primarily listing all of the medications I’ve taken and what side effects I’ve had/why I’ve stopped taking them.

Keeping a list like this has been incredibly helpful for a number of reasons.

First off, any time I want to see a doctor who doesn’t know my immediate psychiatric history I can bring the list to help them get an idea of what I’ve already tried.

Next it helps when my own memory farts out and I can’t quite recall why I didn’t keep taking drug X, looking at the list can remind me very quickly and easily why trying that medication again would be a bad idea.

Finally, the most useful situation I’ve found for this list is when I was hospitalized and I knew I wouldn’t be able to remember all of the medications I’ve tried, etc. I simply brought the list with me to the hospital, and made things easier on myself, the nurses, and the doctors there.

The real tricky part of a list like this is remembering to update it as soon after switching medications as possible, and keeping it updated regularly. I find it is best to work on it in periods of feeling well, but I realize sometimes that isn’t an option.

I really try to be as organized as possible about my psychiatric care because I don’t want to try the same step twice. It is important to me that my medication search is as objective as possible, and tools likeĀ the medication listĀ have helped me along the way.