Daily Archives: July 26, 2013


At the direction of my doctor I’ve lowered my dosage of Geodon from 120 mg to 80 mg, due to the muscle spasms I was having.

Well, the spasms became more infrequent and had a little less gusto (my jaw was politely clenching shut instead of snapping shut) but the spasms were still happening.

Yesterday I talked to my doctor again and he has me lowering my Geodon dose to 40 mg. So far I’ve been surprised that I haven’t noticed any ill effects from lowing my dose so quickly, and though he doesn’t want me going off of the Geodon completely yet (I think there may be something about stopping antipsychotics potentially triggering psychosis) I have an appointment monday to work the whole thing out with him.

On another note, another reason I’d like to just opt to quit the Geodon at this point is that Wednesday morning I woke up early to feed Luna and still had the Geodon hangover (it is like waking up with an upset stomach and extreme dizziness) and by the time I got to the kitchen the dizziness overtook me and I passed out, only to land face first into the kitchen counter. I hit my eye on a glass cup and cut my face before slumping to the ground, where I drug myself to the couch and was immediately asleep again.

The cut on my face isn’t too deep, and the bruising hurts but I dare say the whole thing could have been a lot worse. As much as intense dizziness had me turned off of drugs like Seroquel, the dizziness with Geodon only seems to happen during a 12 hour window after I take it (during which time I am normally sleeping). It hasn’t been a huge deal except for when I need to wake up early, but this whole counter face-plant thing has me really turned off on this drug (though I don’t think I needed much help on that front after the muscle spasms started).

Honestly I am really bummed out that Geodon isn’t working out, it was the most promising drug I’ve tried in the last two years. I’ve tried about 13 other drugs, and I can’t help but feel slightly worried that I’m reaching a place where I’ve exhausted the drugs available to me.

I do realize, however, there are always new drugs coming out, and there is a whole realm of alternative medicine that I haven’t really explored yet so I’m trying not to let it get me down too much. There are also drug research trials for bipolar disorder in Seattle pretty frequently, so there are other things I can look into for potentially helping with my symptoms. Part of me just wishes it might have been easy, and it turns out it isn’t going to be.