Daily Archives: July 8, 2013

A Case of the Mondays

Just a quick update today.

I’ve rebounded from the hypomania into depression the last two days. Despite that, I’m hopeful I’ll pop out of it because I’m continuing to increase the Geodon (up to 120 mg).

Yesterday’s depression was the sort littered with negative thoughts, something I haven’t seen so vividly for a while now.

The word of the day is anxious. I have a lot to do this week (my debit card was stolen, I am seeing my therapist who is leaving in three weeks, I’m waiting for my hearing with SSDI to be scheduled) and I’ll probably do a lot more of what I did this morning (writhing around in bed clutching my cranium) before the week is over.

The added pressure of things like this make it difficult for me to do the things I need to get done (like write blog posts) so maybe later on in the week I can get something substantial up here.

Until then, Happy Monday!