SSDI Update – Appeal Denied

Two weeks ago I received the response to my appeal (after my first social security application denial) and it was a negative one.


Once again, I wasn’t surprised because I have been expecting a second denial. The only trouble is that when it happens, it feels very much like a slap in the face (expected or otherwise).

The reason they gave for my denial is that my symptoms are not severe enough warrant being unable to work.

I admit, anger pulsed through me when I read those words, and I thought back to my last job where I became delusional and disrupted an entire office when I thought my boss was trying to sabotage me.

I thought about the job I had before that that I quit to keep myself from backsliding into hospitalization-worthy depression.

And the job before that that fired me for being hospitalized when I found myself in the midst of a close-call situation where I had been psychotic and violent toward a defenseless animal.

While I’m not proud to admit these things, they are the facts. Beyond that, they are merely the tip of an iceberg of rocky attempts to work spanning 8 years.

I needed a week before I could do anything about the letter, and at the end of last week I filled out the paperwork for my request for a hearing (the next step) and slipped it off to my attorney.

As previously, I remain optimistic. I definitely struggle with the denials I have received so far, especially not to take them personally. I know there is only so much information the social security offices are willing to consider, so I hope that my attorney holds up his end of the bargain and helps me convey the truth.

3 responses to “SSDI Update – Appeal Denied

  1. It took me over a year to get my SSDI, but I got lucky & got a killer lawyer & the judge was a good one- he granted mine on my borderline personality & literally said yes in about 15 min.I know a few people trying now. You need strong background info on your condition- I have a well known shrink that really worked hard for me, plus a therapist that also provided good info. I called U of W for all my records & it was a huge packet that I sent on to my lawyer. Not to belittle your lawyer, but I used Binder & Binder & they got me about $31,000 in back pay & a good monthly payment. I don’t have the kind of issues that you & my other friend have, mine are way less severe. You have to gather all the info you can & hope for a good judge. My lawyers only made $6,000 off me, but still worked
    hard for me. If I can help at all, please feel free to e-mail me. There are some programs thru DSHS where you can get food money & some medical help. I feel so bad for you! Hang in there & I wish you the best.

  2. Received my first denial last week. Sounds like similar reason. Fifteen years, fifteen different jobs. No, I’m not unstable.

  3. Edward Braquet

    Thanks for your blog.
    I m sitting in the same situation for my case and wondering how it will turn out. Needless to say I am stressed to think about the trial when I have to tell a judge the reason why i cant work any other job. I feel your pain in the fear we face.

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