Daily Archives: May 6, 2013

Pill Dispenser For the Prevention of Prescription Drug Abuse

Some students at Brigham Young University have created what they’ve dubbed the MedVault Pill Dispenser.

The cylindrical dispenser is tamper proof (the woman on the news said you could hit it with a hammer and not be able to open it) and the program in the device is programed by your pharmacist when it is filled to determine what pills are dispensed and when to the user. To make security even tighter, users enter an access code on the top of the device when it is time for medication to be dispensed.

Though I know this device is primarily to keep people from abusing or stealing people’s prescription drugs, I’ve been known (on occasion) to take the wrong pills or the wrong dosage, simply due to confusion. On that account I think this little device would be pretty helpful, though also taking some medications “as needed” sort of defeats the purpose here. I also think having to enter an access code would be a little dubious for my purposes, as remembering when to take the medication is also a problem.

Maybe it could beep when it was time to dispense medication?

In any case, I thought this was an interesting device. You can find more on the MedVault Pill Dispenser here.