Daily Archives: April 22, 2013

Weather Roller Coaster

The sun is back, which means my productivity has increased about 200%.

Today I did some sewing, made 8 rope dealies for our camping gear, and took Luna for an hour long walk (that didn’t feel challenging at all).

I also thought I would mention that I’ve lost about 15 pounds by limiting my snackage and eating much healthier. This is a huge win because after two-ish years of lugging around a lot of extra Zyprexa weight I’ve finally began losing it. (Of course, I wish I could lose it at the same rate I gained it when I was taking the Zyprexa, but that is a little unrealistic!) At this point I’m just happy to be wearing some loose jeans.

I can also report that I somehow made it through our anniversary trip over the weekend without any major mood swings interrupting things, which felt like something of a miracle. Granted I normally get a little hypomanic when going on trips, but the most I felt this weekend was excited which was quite nice. I feel very lucky and appreciative of that fact.

This monday the forecast is continuing to call for sunshine all week, so the outlook (for weather and mood) is good.

Happy Monday!