Seattle Weather, Again?

The joy I’m feeling because it is friday is a mild one; things have flip flopped and I am now in the middle of experiencing day 5 of depression.

I would say I have barely been functioning, meaning I am eating and sleeping but otherwise generally rolling around miserable, pouting and crying for no real apparent reason except that I feel crummy.

This change is pretty substantial (as I was experiencing mixed and manic rapid blips the week before) and I can’t help but wonder if the weather has something to do with it.

During the period of manic and mixed swings it was sunny (gasp) in Seattle. This week things have changed back to (you guessed it) rain, and my feelings of unmotivation were not far behind.

I’ve heard all kinds of people, doctors included, say that the weather can play a huge role on our moods. If that is even remotely true, I am probably living in the wrong part of the world for having some touchy bipolar disorder.

I mean, this is something I’ve given considerable thought to over and over again. Should I move? Would it give me an edge and allow me to thrive, rather than just survive? Seattle is quite nice three months out of the year, but if I’m spending the other nine miserable, that is a pretty big price to pay.

Anyway, just thinking out loud a little bit this morning, while I am staring at the clouds and scowling. Wishing you some better weather!

6 responses to “Seattle Weather, Again?

  1. I always feel crummy on rainy days. It’s great how in tune with your emotions you are. I hope to catch on to my spells and episodes as I always seem a day late and dollar short. πŸ™‚

  2. We’ve got rain out here too, but I’ve always preferred rain and darkness. So in that, moving to England was probably a better choice than my initial intention to move to the desert!

  3. I am a “brother with Bipolar” and just wanted to say I appreciate your site. I particularly like your creative header. Did you design that?

    I would enjoy having you visit my blog sometime. I write about various subjects, including my experience with mental illness.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. I live about 100 miles to the North of you in Bellingham and I am having a horrible time of late with the weather and mood swings.
    Spring has always been tough for me. One day the weather is great and fills you with all this hope. Then the next day the fog is all around and the rain is constant. July is just around the corner!
    To be honest with you, when I finish school next year, I’m heading South.

  5. Hi…I too live in Seattle. Everyone I know is tired of this weather. It seems to be constant rain. It is oppressive and I too feel effected by it. I think it has a large part in mood playing. I was enjoying the sun and getting out in the yard. Something I don’t do regularly. I have “happy” lights. THey are suppose to mimic the sun…I don’t know if they help, but I will try anything…once in a blue moon I tan just to feel the heat to my bones. πŸ™‚

  6. the weather greatly affects my bipolar. my doctor said arizona would be a good place to live πŸ™‚

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