SSDI Update – Contact From the SSDI Office

Shortly after writing last week’s update on the phone call I got from social security (about my SSDI application) I received my first rejection letter.

Again, I must say I wasn’t very phased by this, because I understand that I will probably get two rejections before a potential acceptance.

I can see how a rejection letter could shake the very foundation of one’s being though. Reading the letter was like having needles poking into my stomach. I think it is human nature to feel sick when you’ve struggled and someone denies you acknowledgment of that.

I am in the process of contacting my advocate to get the ball rolling on the next step (the appeal), as I have 60 days from the date of receiving the rejection letter to request an appeal. Shouldn’t be a problem, and I’d like to do it much sooner to get things moving again.

That way I can hurry up and wait.

6 responses to “SSDI Update – Contact From the SSDI Office

  1. When did you apply ?

  2. I found a relevant article on NPR:
    about the process of appealing disability cases. It sounds like there is hope for you. Your advocate isn’t a chessy tv lawyer, I hope!

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