Common Genes Found for 5 Mental Illnesses

Research has found that five conditions, previously thought to be clinically different, share a common genetic root. The conditions in common are autism, attention deficit disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and major depression.

Dr. Jordan Smoller of Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston led the study, publishing findings in the journal Lancet.

This finding covers only one small portion of the makeup of mental illness (it is thought that they involve hundreds of different genes) and does not explain every single case of mental illness. At the same time, it is groundbreaking information and suggested on a genetic level that,

The five diseases are more like a continuum of dysfunction than five separate and discrete conditions.

Researchers say this could explain why many people have series of symptoms that do not easily fall into one of the specific diagnoses.

Smoller’s team did a genome study of 33,000 psychiatric patients and compared them to nearly 28,000 people without mental illness.

The research also seems to explain why some people have overlapping symptoms, or why in families prone to one psychiatric disease another might occur.

Not only will this research help in our understanding of mental illness, it could also benefit the treatment of mental illness, including the development of psychiatric medications.

For more information, check out Mental Illness Share common DNA roots over at nbc news.

6 responses to “Common Genes Found for 5 Mental Illnesses

  1. Hmmm…read another article on this topic this morning and had to shake my head. Last year I read another interpretation of this study that proclaimed bipolar and schizophrenia had a genetic overlap but not enough to declare they weren’t both discrete illnesses. I am not sure what to believe any more. Classifying by symptoms leads to one set of conclusions (like the DSM) and classifying by (assumed) root causes (genetics) is leading to something else entirely. It all just goes to show we’re still in the infancy of understanding mental illness.

  2. I saw this too, and I was glad to see them discuss spectrum disorders with overlapping symptoms. I guess the DSM fills a need to check boxes, but I think we are all somewhere along one or more scales of some kind. Maybe future diagnostics will have a multi-dimensional scoring methodology rather than a simple list of symptoms. I hope smart people continue working on this!

  3. Astounding, since I would say I have three of the five. Reblogging.

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  5. Interesting. I guess in the end everything’s just going to mould into one big spectrum. I wonder what they would call it? Heh.

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