Daily Archives: February 27, 2013

Good Doctor, Bad Doctor

I have been lucky in finding a general physician who I really trust and like, but lately it seems like others have suddenly caught on -his schedule has been packed leaving me seeing someone else for a recent sinus infection.

It never ceases to amaze me how great one doctor can be, and how awful the next might be. I found myself met with zero bedside manner, a doctor who downplayed my symptoms, and then prescribed me (knowing I was uninsured) the most expensive medication possible for my ailment.

Now, I just wanted to take a brief moment to remind you that seeing a doctor should be like any other business. I expect to be a customer who is listened to and respected, and when I am not, I do not give repeat business.

There is no way to know what a doctor will be like until you work with them firsthand, but I urge you all to stand up for yourselves to demand a level of care you deserve. If a doctor is treating you poorly, chances are there is another doctor out there who you can work with more comfortably.

Finding a good doctor may mean having to deal with busier scheduling on their end, but in the end it is usually worth it.

As true as I believe this to be with my general physician, I think it is twice as true with my psychiatrist. Psychiatry is a very complicated practice, and finding a good psychiatrist who treats you with respect is often worth their weight in gold.

I just wanted to leave a reminder today that you are worth being treated with respect, but it is also up to you to find a doctor that treats you fairly.