Daily Archives: February 25, 2013

Eggs From Bipolar Donors Rejected in UK

This article was an interesting way to start my day, over at Express (a news website over in the UK) I found an article about IVF clinics rejecting eggs from female donors who have bipolar disorder. 

Personally, I am not surprised at all. I admit, there was one point in my life that I looked into the notion of donating eggs because, as someone who doesn’t want children myself, I thought it a little unfair that I could have them when others couldn’t. I dare say I am fairly bright and not entirely unattractive, but I had the door slammed in my face as soon as I mentioned anything to do with bipolar disorder. Granted, this was years ago, and my symptoms were not even remotely what they are today, so I was rather hurt by getting the brush-off so immediately.

There is a profile of a woman in the article who pretty much tells the same story, except in the UK. Her conclusion as to why she was denied?

They would not want a child who was “mentally unstable.”

Now, this article opens up a pretty intense can of worms. Fertility treatment pioneer Robert Winston goes on to criticize the clinics stating the lack of proof that bipolar disorder is hereditary, and then adds that many of the world’s creative geniuses have had bipolar disorder.

I know many people that are pleased with the fact that they have bipolar disorder, that they gain greatly by having it in many ways, and I’ve met several people who believe bipolar disorder has something to do with the direction of human evolution.

At the same time, I believe that saying bipolar disorder is easy is not the truth (for the vast majority of us anyway) and there is still so much fear in the world that this will hopefully start a conversation. Are these decisions being made out of stigma or is this fear actually warranted? I think as a population, we are only beginning to talk about it, and it will take time to find out.