Daily Archives: February 4, 2013

Little by Little

Lately I’ve been having the sort of dragging un-motivation only depression can provide. It seems like practically every night I find myself ready to go to bed, and more than willing to skip my evening routine of washing my face and brushing my teeth.

At that rate, I can barely make it through taking my medications before wanting to crash in a heap… but the unwillingness to do these things also leaves me anxious because I ultimately know (in the big picture) they are important. I need to take care of myself, but how can I when I feel so overwhelmed by the notion of completing these tasks?

Well, I’ve devised a method to push through it.

My first method (shut up and push through it) only really served to aid in self-hatred and loathing. Instead I’ve swapped this for something more like a gentle coax, taking each task little by little instead of allowing myself to be overwhelmed by the seeming enormity of wash-your-face-brush-your-teeth-take-your-medications-plug-in-your-phone etc.

Now I focus on one little piece of the list of things to do, and sometimes I focus on an even smaller piece of that.

Instead of wash-your-face-brush-your-teeth-take-your-medications-plug-in-your-phone, I will focus just on washing my face. If that still feels overwhelming, I’ll focus on just the act of washing (as opposed to washing, drying, and putting on face cream). Once I’ve finished the washing portion, I can move to drying. Once I finish drying, I can move to applying face cream.

I can’t explain it, but things become less painful, they don’t drag by, and I’m not desperate for the routine to end. If I focus on completing small portions at a time, I have been finding that suddenly I’ve completed everything on the list, and to my delight… it is time for bed!

This is something that I’ve primarily been using before bed (because that is when my mood tends to dip the most often) but it is a method that can be used any time, for practically anything. Taking small steps have been the number one thing to help alleviate feelings of being overwhelmed or dread about taking on a series of tasks for me, and I definitely suggest giving it a try. You might be surprised!