Daily Archives: January 15, 2013

Yes, I know My Insurance Has Lapsed.

Just a quick account of yesterday.

It always makes me writhe in a little bit of agony when this sort of thing happens.

Yesterday I went to the pharmacy to get my prescription filled. I’m applying for assistance from Pfizer to (potentially) receive my Geodon for free, but they haven’t answered yet, which means I needed another month’s worth of medication and I don’t have insurance.

I found a coupon online, so I emailed it to myself and traipsed into the Target pharmacy with the high hopes it would work.

The clerk began to ring me up and my heart jumped into my throat. $680. This was pre-coupon (I tried to assure myself) but I had no real way of knowing if the coupon would even work.

“I have a coupon!” I eeked out, handing my phone to the clerk. After a few minutes, another clerk said,

Well that really didn’t lower the price very much.

This was the moment I was fearing. Could I afford a (nearly) $700 medication? For one month? No, wait, not even a month…¬†three weeks?

Crap.” I said.

“Yeah it is $280 now.” Said the second clerk.

I practically jumped for joy, half elated and half scowling because the staff was still looking at me like I was crazy for being willing to pay that much for medication.

The coupon lowered the price by more than half, but $280 is still a lot. Especially since my credit card was stolen last week, which meant using straight up savings.

As usual, I feel appalled by what people who are sick have to pay to receive treatment. I guess it is one of those things that heralds back to the days when our parents used to tell us, “you know, life isn’t fair.”

On top of that, I was a little shocked at how the pharmacy team reacted when I said I would pay that much. They looked at me with disgust when I said I didn’t have insurance, and then like I couldn’t be serious when I said I’d pay.

But what is the alternative?

I, as a knowing human being, will never willingly put myself in a situation where I am suffering medication withdrawals, period. The experience I had with it once before was so far beyond the realm of hell that I would rather chew my own wallet off in a desperate attempt to escape them. If I had to choose between having money and  being subjected to physical torture, or being poor with lesser pain, I would choose being poor a hundred times over.

In any case, I am being forced to reconsider my options (whether that be state insurance, working part time, medication research studies, or whatever)… and to really, truly hope Pfizer decides to show some mercy.