A Blip on the Bipolar Radar

So I was watching the news yesterday (ok, ok, I was actually watching the view but who needs to know?) and the topic of Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro’s latest film came up.

To my surprise, it is about a man who has recently been released from an inpatient hospitalization after a divorce because he has bipolar disorder.

Normally I take these sorts of movies with a grain of salt, I have a hard time being convinced the actor (or actress) can pull off the subtlety that comes with the wide array of emotion needed to portray a bipolar character.

I did, however, see a short clip of Cooper’s character going on a long, manic rant about Earnest Hemingway’s A Farewell to Arms, which not only reminded me of someone I know (yes, someone who has bipolar disorder) but also wrenched me into something of a nostalgic place, as I have had the same rant about the same book nearly ten years ago when I had to read it in high school.

I don’t normally talk much about movies or shows I haven’t watched myself, but if you are interested in how the media (or films) portray bipolar disorder, this might be one you want to keep on your radar. Go check out Silver Linings Playbook (released December 25th) and tell me what you think!

2 responses to “A Blip on the Bipolar Radar

  1. I was pretty pleased with this one. Sure, things were made to look a lot easier than they actually are, and there was more happiness and recovery than might be realistic in such a short span of time (in my experience)…but still I was impressed by some of the unflinching nature of the characters and that the directors did show some hard stuff that seemed fairly real to me. I will bring my girlfriend to see this one!

  2. oh, and I forget to mention that I like happiness! 🙂

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