Families Failed by Mental Health System

I’ve looked at several articles lately that attempt to articulate the current mental healthcare situation, but I recently found one over at Time by Maia Szalavitz called America’s Failing Mental Health System: Families Struggle to Find Quality Care that really took it to a new place for me.

It is a little dry, but I think this article is able to grasp the gravity of what many of us have been saying for years; it sucks trying to get mental health care in America.

In light of the string of current violent events, mental healthcare is something that is finally getting some attention in our country… I’m hopeful that with enough people voicing their concern, things could actually change for the better.

3 responses to “Families Failed by Mental Health System

  1. Stop the argument about gun control and start the discusion about the decrepid mental health system.

  2. Even the VA mental health sucks. I know a couple of guys who got out and are being treated for PTSD; one center’s treatment plan was to medicate him so much that his day literally consisted of sitting in a chair drooling on himself. That’s like giving someone a painkiller for a severed limb; at that point you’re only tackling symptoms of a bigger problem.

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