The Tables Have Turned

I’ve had several inquiries about how things have been progressing with the Geodon, so I thought I would write a quick update.

To my surprise, the reaction I’ve had to Geodon involved being flung from depression up into hypomania territory. Good when compared to depression, bad in a case like today where I have been awake for 20 hours with no apparent sign of impending sleep. 

I have had a few other mild side effects, the most notable being a weird, jittery shaking that makes my teeth chatter sometimes. It leaves me feeling oddly like Cosmo Kramer.

I’ve been on it a week and a half now, and for a brief period I thought the hypomania was venturing dangerously close to mania. It backed off for a couple days, but now has been increasing in severity again.

I’ve been trying to work with my doctor on the sleep issue, but when I changed the dosage times (two a day) around I wound up in a fast-acting unconsciousness between 2 pm and 6 pm. Given the choice, I’d almost just rather not sleep.

Obviously that isn’t a solution, but I will be meeting with my doctor on Thursday, at which point this medication situation will be looked at head-on, as well as figuring out a final game plan for the end of my leave of absence from work in a week.

As a side note, there are days where it feels like I really struggle and I can look at the word “disabled” and feel comfortable with that term. Other days I look at that word and don’t feel like I can relate. Regardless, it was comforting tonight hearing the newly re-elected president saying, in front of the entire nation, that “disabled or abled, [we] can make it in this country.”

4 responses to “The Tables Have Turned

  1. I found Obama’s reference in his victory speech to those who are disabled very inspirational. The country made the right choice. 🙂 Feel better soon and keep us posted.

  2. I heard that Geodon can cause morbid anxiety. I used to be on risperidone but had to stop taking it because it was definitely making me more anxious, to the point of causing panic attacks. But the anxiety wasn’t CONSTANT, so it wasn’t until I read through the side-effects leaflet and actually took the information in (which was not possible when I first got put on Risperidone for severe psychotic mania)… and heard risperidone can actually make you MORE anxious. Which is pretty CRAP considering that class of drugs used to be routinely called Major Tranquillisers…(!)

  3. O shit how typical of me: I wanted to ask, do you think it’s making you any MORE anxious..? And do you think it’s causing any insomnia? Risperidone was so horrible that when I first went on it, I HAD to take a sleeping pill at the same time because risperidone on its own was just too horrible for words…

    • It definitely makes me more anxious, but I tried to describe it to my psychiatrist by saying it was more of an anxiety that seemed fueled by by inability to curb the racing thoughts I was having (that appeared to be) from the elevated mood. It has given me some physical symptoms (that I generally attribute to anxiety) though, like what feels like a constant racing heartbeat and tremors that get ridiculous if I get even the slightest bit more anxious or upset. And I’m talking like being unable to get a fork from my plate up to my mouth with food still on it, tremors.

      There are other times, however, where I am completely devoid of anxiety -something which is extremely unusual for me. I haven’t been able to figure out exactly when these blips occur, or why.

      I was taking very low levels of amitriptyline as a sleep aid before I was taking the geodon, but now that doesn’t seem to do squat. I’m taking ambien instead now, and it seems to knock me out alright.

      I don’t know if it was causing insomnia directly, or if the insomnia was a result of the elevated mood.

      And I am taking Geodon twice a day, so I only take the sleep aid at night. The elevated mood or insomnia itself (I don’t know which) caused by the Geodon is intense enough that I have been waking up, totally awake, by sunrise almost every day since as well.

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