Hey folks,

So NAMI (the National Alliance on Mental Illness) is hosting a series of walks across the country. The Seattle area walk is happening Saturday, October 27th at Marina Park in Kirkland (for people in the area who are interested in signing up, you can find more details at this website), and I’m planning on attending.

The goal of the walk is to raise both funds and awareness in regard to mental illness. NAMI uses funds for anything from hosting peer-to-peer support sessions, general weekly support groups, family-oriented classes for those who have someone in their lives living with mental illness, as well as provide all kinds of support for folks who may not otherwise be able to receive it. They are a non-prophet organization ran entirely by unpaid volunteers.

The awareness factor is what I am most interested in, and I’m hoping that by spreading the word, others will learn a bit more about mental illness and will help take down the general stigma that surrounds it.

There are a lot of people out there who are experiencing debilitating symptoms and are either afraid to seek treatment, can’t afford to seek treatment, or both. In my experience, NAMI has been an excellent resource for people in the Seattle area to learn more & get help.

You can bet this is the only time I’ll do this, but if you are able to give anything to help support those with mental illness, I’d encourage you to consider it. For more info or my fundraising site, go here!



2 responses to “NAMI Walk

  1. If I wanted to join your team for the walk, Sarah, what fundraising page website should I enter in the registration form online?

    • Hi Mike,

      you can find my team online by searching teams with either “Sarah Sullivan” in your search field or “The Greater Seattle Area Bipolar Meetup Group”. Either search should yield the team I’m leading, hope you can join in!

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