Mania in Dreams

I’ve talked recently about looking at what my subconsciousness is doing to get a better idea of where my mood is at.

Well, I’ve been having some sporadic manic symptoms lately (namely highly increased energy for short periods, racing thoughts, and motivational bursts) but I’ve just experienced something I don’t recall ever experiencing before.

I’ve had what I would consider the equivalent of racing thoughts in dream form. 

The experience was just as odd as it sounds, it was very much like rapidly switching fragments of dreams that weren’t fully realized.

In my dreams, there is usually some kind of theme, or plot, or goal, but these fragments had none of those elements. It was as if the channel kept changing before things could really get going,

two kickoffs from the ground of a flying dream

my dog meeting another dog and wanting to play

seeing a band of nudists performing 1/3 of a song

inviting several people to go bowling

cleaning a grill in a fictional diner I worked at


The list goes on and on.

I’ve always been able to remember my dreams pretty vividly, but I can’t remember a time when my lack of focus was so apparent in a dream! 

Has anyone else experienced racing thoughts in dream form, or a lack of focus in dreams while experiencing lack of focus elsewhere?

Just curious.

3 responses to “Mania in Dreams

  1. Dreams (if am able to) when I am manic or hypo manic are normally a haven for me, a welcome break from the revving mind and scattered thoughts. Lack of sleep for me means less REM slleep, less dreams and a worsening of symptoms. When I am depressed or especially in a mixed state my dreams are horrific, racing with strong themes of death, destructive behaviors and suicide. Hope you get back to some normal dreaming soon, it is so important for our well being,

    • Thanks for the comment Bryzoa, things have been much improved now that I’m not sick anymore (illness has a major impact on my moods).

  2. Interesting point here. Hadn’t put the two together, but I had two nights in a row of the most violent and graphic dreams. Murder and torture and distorted screaming faces. That was nearly two weeks ago, and since then I sent my wife to a friend’s and have been hunkering down against dysphoric hypomania. I’m hermiting so that I don’t destroy anyone.

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