Daily Archives: July 9, 2012

FDA Accepts Company’s Inhaled Drug for BP I & Schizophrenia

I stumbled upon some interesting news this morning, the FDA has just accepted a resubmission of an action letter from Alexza Pharmaceuticals in regard to a drug called Adasuve (Staccato Loxapine). From what I can tell, this is a drug that may already be used, but the difference will come from the way the drug is taken.

The drug will be inhaled through an inhaler to provide almost immediate relief, which sounds like a pretty interesting idea (to me, anyway). You can check out a video with a nifty animation of how the Staccato inhaler works here.

Apart from this new inhaler system being something that caught my eye, the other prospect I consider exciting is that this is intended for use for patients with Schizophrenia & Bipolar Type I who experience agitation. 

Personally, agitation is something I experience fairly often, and it is one of the most uncomfortable things ever. And the prospect of being able to alleviate it almost instantly? I think that is a pretty exciting thing.

The whole shebang is intended for release on December 21, 2012 (I know, I don’t know if that date is a terrible idea or just hilarious since it is also the end of the Mayan Calendar), and you can read a bit more about why everything needed to be resubmitted (as well as the technical details of what I’ve outlined here) here.

For more about Alexza and their products (including this one) you can find their website here.