Daily Archives: June 29, 2012

Enter – Obamacare

It is everywhere I look right now, Obamacare, and people who are wildly against it thrashing around, tearing the wallpaper off of those digital facebook walls.

As someone who has had a pre-existing condition since before I even knew how insurance worked, someone who has been denied healthcare before, and been yanked around by insurance companies who wont pay for my mental health care I don’t think I can even express how glad I am that something is changing in this country.

Am I certain this is the best route? Honestly I have no idea. I don’t work in politics, and I am not someone who is paid to make attempts at mapping out how the country will react in any given situation so I can’t say what will happen. I don’t claim to know how things will change, but I think that is really the fun of it. We’ll have to wait and see for ourselves.

What I do know is that it has been over a year since I had insurance, and as someone without insurance I have had to avoid treatment at times (for lack of someone who will treat me while uninsured), I have had to limit which medicines and treatment options I can take (without insurance to help pay for those medicines), and I’ve had to go to the emergency room at least once in order to receive immediate care.

And, to be completely frank, I didn’t pay for that emergency room visit… so it is likely there are people out there already paying for my health care.

There is such a weird loop involved for me, because having a mental illness -I have had a lot of trouble working. I could potentially work more if these issues are treated, but my treatment is severely limited without insurance. I could get that insurance, but I would have to work more… and as I said, I would potentially need more treatment to work more.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

To be honest, I have been considering applying for disability, but the idea of having to deal with Medicare has me a little terrified. Insurance is something that has always caused me a lot of stress, and somehow needing help with mental health has been less stressful with no insurance at all than with most of the insurance companies I’ve dealt with in the past requiring me to jump through hoops, fax innumerable pages, and sending me statements with numbers of enormous proportions (nearly giving me a heart attack) on accident.

I think these healthcare changes will help people, but I do think they will sift others (like me) into finally applying for disability. If I have to pay for insurance anyway (with the money I can’t seem to make), it only seems logical to me to move forward in that arena instead of floating around a penniless finagler -especially if I’m going to pay in some aspect either way.

Though, I have gotten pretty good at being that penniless finagler.

Whatever happens, some people will be angry, some people will be happy, and some people will be sad. Others, like me, will probably be all of those, but realize that change is imminent so it is better to adapt than to tear down that digital wallpaper.