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Bipolar Symptoms Stronger When Anxiety Disorder is Present

According to a research study led by Regina Sala, M.D. at the New York State Psychiatric Institute of Columbia University, people with bipolar disorder who also experience an anxiety disorder tend to have more severe bipolar episodes, and more episodes in general.

Not only are people with both disorders twice as likely to be admitted to the emergency room than those with bipolar alone, but they are also more likely to have substance abuse problems and problems at work.

This information hit home for me a little bit, anxiety has been the cornerstone of my life -pretty much as far back as I can remember. The bipolar symptoms didn’t come on strong until my teen years, and by then the intense anxiety was already pretty well established.

Last year I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD for short) and was finally able to identify and feel justified that the anxiety I have been living with is both real and not, well, we’ll say typical.

I’ve also been more savvy to the idea that anxiety is playing a bigger role with my difficulty in working than I would have given it credit for three or four years ago. Somehow it manages to grab all of the bipolar mess by the arm, they each double in size, and then crush all the villagers in the area.

In any case, now that the word is out about this connection doctors are hoping to do a better job detecting issues of anxiety early on in the bipolar diagnosis with a hope to treat it earlier rather than later. Treatment of anxiety early on could potentially make a huge difference.

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