Daily Archives: May 7, 2012

A Flood of Ideas

Last night the idea flood-gate broke and I found myself jumping out of bed periodically in an attempt to catch each idea, put it in a jar, and label it for later.

I don’t know if I believe that bipolar disorder makes me more creative, because it feels more like someone is constantly spinning a big old Wheel of Fortune wheel in my body and the mood Pat Sajak lands on is the one I will experience until the wheel is spun again. Some of those pieces that get landed on make for a better environment for creativity than others, so I don’t know if these ideas are produced all at once, like if those juices have been stored up, unused, and then suddenly spring into action, or if there is a log-jam of awesome ideas that only spill out at certain times.

I like to imagine, though, that if it were medieval times that these floods of ideas (which of course, I would not be able to keep to myself) would either make me a very important person, or I’d be burned as a witch. 21st century corporate America is, unfortunately, no time for a wizard with a lot of ideas to be living in. Unless that wizard has the backing of several other rich wizards or a king of some kind.

I want to know where this key mood (assuming there is a mood that is a platform for this activity) begins and ends. Is it elevated? Do I find it when I am coming back up from depression? When I’m coming back down from being elevated? Is it somewhere near the area of being stable? At what point exactly does this dam break?

Is this perfect space a zone? Or is it more like a tendril? Is it erratic or does it always occur in a certain pathway?

I’d liken it to a combination lock, the dials have to be set just right for it to occur.

I suppose I don’t have a big story or message today, just a flood of ideas. Racing-thought’s good looking, more brilliant cousin.

And 20 minutes before I have to run out the door to catch a bus to see my doctor. I have a lot of heavy things weighing on my mind lately, and I know they are things I will return to soon. In the mean time, though, I’ll just leave you with this brief pondering.