College Students Vulnerable to Bipolar Disorder

I read an interesting article this morning about the emergence of bipolar disorder in college years.

Personally I found it particularly interesting because even though I had my first big episode in high school, I left for college unmedicated and had a second episode and hospitalization during the first year of college, right before dropping out.

According to this article, it is extremely common for bipolar college students to leave school without finishing a degree, and even to be underemployed for the ones who completed a degree (no surprise to me there!).

This article by The Boston Globe also talks a bit about why college aged students are likely to experience their first bipolar episodes during college, if they have bipolar disorder, and what schools in New England are doing to try and help bipolar students succeed.

To check out the full article, click here… 

5 responses to “College Students Vulnerable to Bipolar Disorder

  1. Thanks for sharing that article. Very interesting things for someone to read who doesn’t totally understand what people with bipolar experience. I agreed with some of the academic failures and successes.

  2. This somehow doesn’t surprise me one bit. I had bipolar symptoms emerge in college and just didn’t realize it. I was pretty seriously underemployed afterward for a long time. Thank goodness things are better now…

    • Sarah @ bi[polar] curious

      I know, right?!? This is a really common occurrence, so I am glad that some schools at least are trying to do things to help those that experience it. Glad to hear things are good!

      • Yeah, I mean the obvious thing is that the classic timing for bipolar emergence is the college years! It’s also really easy to blow off symptoms (if you’re not floridly manic) as “wild college student” behavior. I had exactly that happen – went in and said I suspected bipolar and was told that couldn’t possibly be the problem. Ha.

      • Sarah @ bi[polar] curious

        Yes and yes. I checked into a mental hospital because I was manic at one point my freshman year of college and they turned around and let me right back out again a few hours later when I said I wanted to leave.


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