Daily Archives: April 2, 2012

A Quick Monday Update

A quick Monday update here;

Both Luna and I had the joy of being sick the last 5 days… and the poor little thing is currently being force-fed a slough of medications 6 times a day. I find that boggling, I mean even at my worst of times I don’t recall having to take medication 6 times per day! She is finally doing better, and after having slept more than the 6 hours total I had been getting the last several days in a row (keeping me very largely from feeling better myself) I am seeing some improvement in my own symptoms as well.

Anyway, I am hoping to have something a little more substantial to read here over the next few days, so stay tuned.

You can also now follow the bipolar curious blog on twitter @BPCurious, hooray!

As Smartphones Become Health Aids, Ads May Follow

Research is showing that younger folks are relying on smartphones to aid in tracking their health, including searching for symptoms, tracking eating habits, exercise, and more.

I thought this would be a fitting article to include after noting during CHART WEEK that there is a good number of people also tracking their mood and medications on mobile devices these days as well. Mobile devices have been great in making many tracking features (many beneficial to those with bipolar disorder) available in one’s pocket, 24/7.

With such heavy reliance on smartphones, we’re likely to see a rise in ads associated with these products -or at least that is the suggestion in yesterday’s article in the New York Times.

Read the full article here…