Electroacupuncture May Help Relieve Depression

Last year in a state of severe depression I found myself willing to try almost anything to help it abate more quickly. One of the things I tried was acupuncture.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have much success with it treating my depressive symptoms (though I seemed to have a little luck with the relaxing environment helping my anxiety) but an article yesterday centered around a study involving electroacupuncture relieving some of the symptoms of depression caught my eye.

Researchers at the School of Chinese Medicine at the University of Hong Kong, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, and the Department of Psychiatry in Kowloon Hospital did a clinical trial using dense cranial electroacupuncture stimulation (DCEAS) on patients with major depressive disorder (MDD).

To dumb that down a little bit, consider DCEAS to be something like acupuncture on the head (primarily) that involves the added bonus of electric pulses (yes, electricity) to those needles. This is a new treatment technique developed only recently, and I am sure it is a lot less terrifying than it sounds. From my own experience, regular acupuncture is considerably less painful and scary than it looks (and I’ve had it done on my head/face), so I wouldn’t let that deter one from potentially seeking this treatment in the future, if this is something that becomes more widespread and seems like it might be desirable to you.

The article leaves out a lot of details, but the takeaway seems to be that notable improvement was said to be seen in patients receiving electroacupuncture in as few as three days, with continued improvement throughout the trial.

Want to read more? Read the full article here…

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