Daily Archives: March 4, 2012

Heads Up!

Hey folks,

Just a quick note here! This week you should be seeing some changes around the site, so if things look a little funky for a minute, don’t fret! I anticipate having most of the kinks worked out by Friday. The construction will not effect the usual M-F blog posting, but if you have trouble viewing anything please shoot me an email.
Also, I’m really excited to announce that in two weeks I’m planning on having a little something I’ve been calling chart week (like shark week, only less sharks). We’re nearing my one year anniversary of beginning a daily mood charting routine, so throughout the week of March 19-23 you can expect to see a series of posts about mood charting, how to do it, what it can bring to the table, and some fun charts incorporating the data I’ve collected over the last year.
Thanks & happy Sunday!