Pen-Pal Hostage

So I am working on a new External Variables post on stress, but I think I’ll be posting that tomorrow.

I’ve been in a very stressed place the last few days, what with the snowstorm and being sick and the power flickering on and off and all. The snow is still coming down, and I’ve had to cancel both my appointment with my therapist this week and two group sessions I was planning on attending. Obviously that doesn’t help with the stress level!

My prescription is also almost needing a refill, but the bus I need to take isn’t running due to the weather. I’m really hoping things begin to melt by tomorrow.

I’ve been very good and didn’t go sledding yesterday, despite the overwhelming temptation.

This year I am trying to be extremely careful, because at this same time last year I got sick, went though four rounds of antibiotics for what they thought was a sinus infection, then had all the nonsense with the CT Scans and everything because I ended up with an intense migraine (though they still aren’t sure that’s what it was) that all left me incapacitated for six weeks.

When it finally all went away, my neurologist told me we would just have to wait and see if it happened again.

So here I am, sick, same scenario, but I’m not going out. I’m not doing a darn thing, short of walking between the living room and the bedroom. I can’t risk that happening again, especially since the stress the pain caused greatly contributed to my hospitalization last year.

The anxiety I have the most is that this will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Like many panic disorders, where the anxiety of having a panic attack causes one to have panic attacks. Could the anxiety about being sick cause enough stress for me to become more sick? Probably, so I’m walking a very thin line. And trying to keep busy with projects.

The hypomania has apparently passed, I finally got to sleep last night. I’m hoping the forced isolation of being sick and the snow wont trigger an episode of depression, sooooo if you feel so inclined, shoot me an email! I am trapped in my apartment, so feel free to make me your pen-pal hostage for the day.


One response to “Pen-Pal Hostage

  1. Both of my psychiatrist in my therapist bailed out today So I think I know how you feel. meds running low too
    Fucking snow!!! I left the alaska To get away from this shit.

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