Daily Archives: January 17, 2012

Sore Throats and Snowmageddon

Unable to post up to this point. Our internet has been on the fritz and it is unclear at this juncture if it is because of the snowmageddon or something on our end.

Seattle is hilarious in the snow, we’re so hilly that most transportation comes to a complete standstill. Upon the forecast of snow, people will drive their cars to the bottom of all the hilly neighborhoods to have a fighting chance to get their cars out in case of an emergency. The grocery store when the flurries started was packed, and a man rushed up to me (I was shopping for tea) and exclaimed quite hurriedly that he absolute NEEDED hot chocolate! “It is hot chocolate emergency weather,” I said, jumping out of the way.

Yesterday the man and I went out and tromped around in it. Maybe I shouldn’t have, because I woke up this morning with a sore throat. I’ve caught the crud.

I guess this one has been going around, I first heard about it from my dad over the phone a few days ago. The island had become a cesspool for the crud. As far as I’d heard, though, it hadn’t overtaken Seattle.

I do ride public transportation though, so I’m doomed from the get-go. I don’t seem to catch things as often as I did when I was working retail (money is crazy dirty), but the bus doesn’t give me much of a fighting chance.

I woke up at 6 this morning in a slightly delirious state, coming out of a dream where my ex’s brother kept trying to pick a fight with me at somebody’s wedding. “Go ahead,” I kept saying, “hit me! Then everyone will just see that I’m not the crazy one here, clearly you are.” He became a Burmese mountain dog and tried to knock me over. I laughed, jumped up in the air, and hung there. Suspended. So I danced my little freaking heart out.

You can imagine that when my eyes opened this morning I was a little confused (though it never seems to be confusing until after I’ve woken up). I heard the dishwasher and almost leapt out of bed because I suddenly thought my dishes were being ruined. Delirium.

My dishes weren’t ruined, I’m just sick.

Beyond the physical maladies of being sick, I tend to experience something above and beyond even that. My mind takes a serious hit, and things like hallucinations, which I don’t normally experience, become commonplace. Irrational fears. High-speed racing thoughts. Bleck.

The physical stress of being sick is usually too much for my poor little brain to handle, and it triggers episodes. A shame, since I was feeling so stable for the last week!

So far today I’ve done a terrible job of resting. Even though I feel terrible, it is hard for me to sit still when I am experiencing bursts of energy. Now that the internet is up and running again, I should be able to remain stationary for the rest of the day. I’ve got a big week, time to rest up.