Champagne Supernova

One of my friends (who has a rockin’ view of the Space Needle -where the fireworks are in Seattle on New Years) decided to have a party last night, which I was pretty excited about.

I don’t know if it is the fact that I can be a little controlling, or that it has been a way for me to stay inside my comfort zone, or if I’ve just been lazy, but I usually play hostess and plan on having people over at my place. There is certainly something to be said of not having to worry about finding a cab or a bus to get home, and cleaning up after everyone is totally worth it to me. That, and I like being the hostess. I like providing food and beverages and fun.

So I was excited about this party, but also a little nervous. I went to a birthday party in October, but otherwise I haven’t been to a legit party in ages.

How does this work again?

Bring something delicious, chat with strangers, and hopefully meander home? Yes. Ok. That doesn’t sound so hard.

The best part, though, is that this friend and I met at a local bipolar support meet-up group, and the first hour of the party (with all those fun introductory questions by strangers) the question inevitably came up several times: how do you two know each other?

We both himmed and hawed, smiling, until we were alone in the kitchen. She didn’t want to compromise my introductions by adding “bipolar” to it without my consent, and I was doing the same for her. As soon as we both realized we were both completely unphased by the prospect of making our shared disorder common knowledge, we let fly our awkward (yet amazing) story of how we met.

Do you know those moments when you are going to a new class, or eating lunch in a crowded room, or at a party and you instantly see the one “cool” person in the room that you somehow click with immediately? I love those moments, I savor them, because some of the best friends I’ve had in my life I’ve met this way. That’s the way we met. It just happened to be at a bipolar support group.

The party was awesome, the best I have been to in ages. I left feeling better than when I arrived, content and mildly optimistic.

The buses were beyond crazy yesterday, and on the way home from the party I decided that even though there was a distinct fear in me that someone could fall on me or vomit on me at any moment, I like riding on a bus full of contented drunk people. The bus was packed so even the standing room was filled, but somehow these inebriated folks felt it necessary to mingle through the bus (while it was moving), holding on for dear life on those little stabilizing loops above ones head while doing so. The result was both ethereal and comical, as our bus turned into a bottle of champagne. The people, like bubbles, seemed to float up and down the aisle, swirling and swaying to their own rhythms in the silence of the early hours of 2012.

7 responses to “Champagne Supernova

  1. Which bipolar support group was this? You’ve been bipolar supporting behind our backs! 😉

    Aaaaannnnyway, being out is VERY liberating. I may overdue it sometimes being that I’m out on two fronts — the homo and the bipo. I just have to work up to the flat-footed, color-blind, Pollack stuff too one of these days.

    The I gottaaaaa be meeeeee. I gotttaaa beeeee meeeee stuff is way underated.

    • Hahaha Mark, no no, this is the same group as usual. I’m pretty sure this was just before you began attending, wayyyyyyy back in the day, probably 3 or 4 locations ago. Don’t worry, I’m not cheating on the group!

  2. You totally have the one up on me. I was invited to several different New Years parties, and I declined. Why, you may ask? I do have a bit of social anxiety, but I knew the bulk of the people that were going to be there.

    The truth is, I just didn’t want to deal with it The last party I attended was one that I hosted. And guess what? Drama, drama, drama. One second, two of my good friends got into it. And one ended up throwing one of T.D.’s bouncy balls at him. She nailed him in the head, and he went storming off.

    This was, of course, after he was messing around, trying to pick her up and tickle her. She ended throwing herself backward, into me, and I crashed through what I thought was my closed front door. No damage to the door. I couldn’t walk right for a week.

    Until my friends learn how to be remotely civilized and don’t drink until they’re retarded, then I’m out.

    But, I’m glad you made a good friend and had a great party! Happy New Years!

    • Well I would say with the tectonic plates of people’s lives shifting, my more rowdy friends have moved to various other places. For whatever reason, the friends I have left in the area tend to be those of a coupley kind, which I usually find to be a little more docile.

      Lame party drama is enough to turn anyone off, I definitely don’t blame you. Even if it is just hanging out I tend to get overwhelmed and annoyed if there is the wrong dynamic, so maybe staying in was for the best?

      Anyhow, happy new year!

      • Unfortunately, Pittsburgh is like the black hole of the US. Nobdy ever really gets out. And most people don’t really want out anyway (why would they? LOL.) So, it’s a decently small city and metro area where everyone knows everyone, one way or another. It’s as if it’s impossible for things to die! I’m still getting heckled about things that happened 10 years ago!

        I have a few ideas as to why my married friends aren’t really friends anymore, but another time. That could take all day 🙂

        Needless to say, I was happy to be in the company of my other little boy (C.S.)

  3. Hi, thank you for your comment, an for taking the time to even read my posts, its people like you who keep me blogging 🙂

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