It’s a Christmas Miracle!

We planned on getting a rental car to head up to Whidbey Island today. There has been a little bit of discrepancy about it because of the requirements for getting a rental car, which we’ve ran into once before in Los Angeles.

Though we’ve lived together for 4 years, we are not married. That means that rental car agencies will not let us pool our resources between the two of us. I’ve never had a driver’s license (I’ve always had too much anxiety to be able to drive) so I can’t get a rental car on my own, but even if my man did the driving, the rental car companies wont let me pay or use my credit card for the deposit.

I had nightmares all night about the car not working out (particularly because of the lack of a back-up plan). We made plans with my dad, with my grandma, and with my mom over the course of the next two days -all of which are very heavily dependent on us being able to reach Whidbey Island.

First thing this morning my nightmares were realized.

We didn’t get the car.

I’ve made a pact with myself about not manipulating people (something I’ll come back to in a post in a couple days), but boy was I sad about that when I heard we weren’t getting a car. I hate to say this, but as a woman I have a useful tool for situations like this one: crying. Had I been given about 20 minutes in that rental agency (I stayed home this morning) I honestly believe I could have gotten them to change their minds.

But it’s better this way, right? Christmas isn’t about lying and cheating, so it is probably best that I left that one alone.

In any case, four phone calls later and my dad has agreed to drive the two hours each way to come pick us up.

Have I mentioned that my dad is a rockstar? He just single-handedly saved Christmas!

That isn’t the miracle though.

The Christmas Miracle is the fact that I didn’t find the news that the rental car fell through completely devastating (as I normally find anything that puts a huge dent in my plans).

I didn’t have a panic attack!

I didn’t even cry!

I didn’t have to lock myself in the bedroom for 30 minutes to let my brain rework what happened so that I could move on.

Today the Christmas Miracle is the beautiful (albeit probably singular) instance of flexibility that I was able to exhibit. It is a rare and mysterious thing to me normally, so I can’t be grateful enough.

Merry Christmas!

3 responses to “It’s a Christmas Miracle!

  1. I am so happy for your emotional stability during this extremely stressful time! Personally, I don’t handle disappointment well. I would have been flipping out. You took it with such grace. Thanks for being living proof that even when things are falling apart, a person doesn’t have to go down with the ship!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Good for you for handling the situation so well! Keep this situation in the forefront of your mind with similar circumstances come along.

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