Blossoming of a Routine

After so many years of school the concept of not having a routine was a detrimental one for me. Though I’m able to fly by the seat of my pants quite well while hypomanic or manic, I’m much more level headed with a routine set in place. Being able to perform tiny rituals is one of the ways I have always coped with stress (for better or worse) and having a routine makes that a possibility.

I never realized growing up that there are many jobs that do not afford you the luxury of a routine. I have a huge love/hate relationship with retail, because for the most part I love the actual work. I hate the schedule though (or lack thereof), so I think this last breakup I had with retail will be my last.

I can feel myself finally settling into a new routine with my new job though and it has made my downtime considerably more productive. Productivity is huge right now with Christmas right around the corner.

I’ve also decided that this new routine lends itself well to a M-F post a day schedule. I may do more if something big happens, but for now this seems like the natural conclusion my blog has come to on its own.

Something about this rhythm gives me confidence, and having a proper time for each thing gives me extreme comfort.

I really hope this new routine will help carry me into the new year with a gentle coasting as opposed to a crash and burn.

Only time will tell.

One response to “Blossoming of a Routine

  1. I prefer a routine. I keeps things going. Predictable, comfrting. It helps me forge on when things aren’t going well. And it’s the structure provides the support to do that.

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