Audio vs. Visual Thought Processes

A while back I told my therapist that sometimes really intense ideas will pop into my head that something bad has happened. For example, once I was walking past a dog park and upon seeing the dogs, suddenly I was convinced that my dog (who was at home) had been electrocuted.

Now, I realize that this doesn’t make sense at all. I mean, I’m sure there’s some reason this happens, but jumping to random conclusions that are barely even related doesn’t make sense. Most of the population doesn’t do that.

She asked me why I came to that conclusion, and if it was as if someone had told me. But for me it isn’t that way at all. Nothing whispers to me, “your dog is dead,” the problem I have is that I see it. It’s like a flashback, but it’s fiction. And usually extremely grotesque fiction.

I have always had a very visual brain, I learn visually. I communicate best visually. Maybe it has something to do with discounting the audio portion of my brain when I was young (after OCD problems with that part, it has a tendency to go on like a broken record so like most other annoyances I’ve reached the point where I can ignore it most of the time).

I guess my point is that I’ve been wondering how bipolar disorder effects different brains. Does having a visual brain make it more likely for me to see these images? I think in pictures, so it seems only natural that disturbing thoughts would be images in my brain.

But for people with more audio type brains, do these thoughts come to you in words? Are they usually conversations, or just monologues? And are these thoughts in a specific voice? Your mother, your ex-boyfriend, yourself? If you are bilingual, what language are they in?

I expect there must also be people with a combination of the two.

And does anyone have disturbing imagery with subtitles?

Yeah, sort of a random thought… the brain is just such a bizarre organ.

3 responses to “Audio vs. Visual Thought Processes

  1. My daughter, who is only seven, tells me her head tells her- not like a voice but more a nagging urging feeling. She is also very anxious regarding her baby brother and animals. Almost like she can see the bad things and must keep them from occuring- seems visual from a mon’s outside point of view.

  2. I can’t think in pictures, I can’t even conjure up the image of a friend in my mind. Everything is words, most of the time a thought will pop into my head like a question or conversation with myself.

  3. Yeah, I’m definitely audio wired. I just posted something on A Canvas of the Minds called Imaginary Enemies. Basically, it details The Voice. It is the spawning ground for all of my delusions. I think so anyway. Or, at least it adds fuel to the fire. It convinces me that all of the bad things I think are true.

    I don’t have a visual brain, and I figured out why a long time ago. My eyesight has been very bad my entire life. I’ve been wearing corrective lenses since I was 3. I was extremely nearsighted, so I had sight to read. So, I have words and voices instead.

    This auditory enhancement from being without clear vision is probably what helped me develop my musical talent. Hooray!

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