Never Quite the Best of Signs

2:30 am and I’m awake? Or, awake enough to be up and in the living room anyway?

Urg, not good. Funny how this always seems to happen when I have to work the next day.

Normally in this situation I would scribble things in my journal for a bit until the brutal wave of energy had subsided, however I filled up the last of my journals a few days ago and have not yet found a replacement.

I am completely addicted to the Moleskine plain hardcover notebooks, I’ve filled around 10 or so of them in the last couple years. This notebook is the only one I’ve ever been able to be faithful to, nothing previously has encouraged regular entries as much as these ones do. Not to mention, the fact that all of the ones that I’ve filled are matching gives me the good sort of OCD shivers, the ones one gets when something falls into the realm of organizationally satisfying.

Speaking of organizationally satisfying, while my boss was out showing a unit in our building I moved all of the tabs on the file folders in our filing cabinet. They were filed in chronological order, but the tabs weren’t consistently spaced for the numbering system. Yes, I felt a little guilty when I did it, and I was a little terrified when I was shuffling around on my hands and knees in my dress that my boss was going to return at any moment and find me that way, but until I did something about it that was all I could think about.

Anyway, Borders recently closed downtown, leaving just Barnes and Noble. I went there today, and though they have tons of Moleskine notebooks they don’t have the one I use. I’m sure my notebook of choice is also the one of choice for the general population for Seattle (that’s how things usually go here), so I’ll probably have to order online.

Thus, here I am.

There, see? Done. Thanks Amazon. Nothing like a little motivation to get the ball rolling.

3 responses to “Never Quite the Best of Signs

  1. I have to ask, because I develop journal envy, why is it that so many people who journal love Moleskin? I have to know. And I’ll answer preemptively, no, I have never actually touched one. I’ve only seen them in pics that other bloggers post.

    I do feel a certain pang of OCD, but at the same time, I’m determined that every journal has it’s own personality. I don’t like to pick mine out too far in advance. I want the journal, the very covers, to tell me something about what is inside. You know the old saying, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” but it’s in our nature to do so.

    I’ll only grab a handful of identical ones if there is some kind of sale going on. And yes, you’re right. If I choose wrong, or I’m forced to substitute a notebook because I ran out of journals and didn’t have any money, then I won’t keep up on writing. I am sad to say that I haven’t put much in the way of handwritten entries in for months because I’m using those hardback composition notebooks. I have new ones now, but the OCD part won’t let me even touch one until the first of January.

    Wow, there’s a lot to be said on the subject of journaling!

  2. It’s true! Journaling is a very personal experience for most people so for those that do it, they usually have a lot to say on the subject!

    What do I love about Moleskine? The one I use is the perfect size to fit in my purse so it is always with me, the hard cover means it is heavy enough to never bend at the corners but not so heavy that one has trouble opening it. There’s an elastic band on one end to keep it from opening in my purse as well, I have a huge pet peeve about my things getting creased or crumpled. There is also an accordion pocket in the very back which I use to hold notes, ticket stubs, or any other sort of memorabilia I want to house with the book itself.

    The pages also smell a little bit like juniper or gin (or Christmas tree), which I find quite alluring.

    I’d say I probably have the opposite feeling as you, because I’d rather the outside of the book say absolutely nothing of what’s inside. I guess I just enjoy the outside being totally blank and unemotional because the contents are so intense.

    • I have to check it out. When you said “fits in purse, closes, accordian pocket” I was in heaven. And then you told me it smells like gin. There is only one thing worse than that and that’s black licorish, sambuca. Ugh. I’ve never been one for flavored liquor. Actually, I’m not one for liquor at all anymore; it makes my stomach churn at the thought. But when I was (and boy was I!), I prefered whiskey, bourbon, and especially scotch. What else would a Scottish girl drink? Lol!

      I love the smell of paper. Just fresh paper. It smells clean. The copier at work smells like it. I just love it. Whenever you open a fresh, never touched journal (and I often reach to the very back for one), you can smell it. Woodsy, a little.

      But, I’m one of those green people that feels guilty about slaughtering forests for my own gain. I try (unless there is sale) to use recycled paper, which is way less fulfilling and smells like cardboard or construction paper. There’s something so juvenile about writing on something remniscent of construction paper.

      Often, the exteriors of my journals are deceiving. That’s exactly how I like it. You look at it and think that it’s one thing, but that’s not the whole story. That’s me. I’m a jumbled, walking contradiction. Mild mannered, eccentric looking music teacher by day. People with a really good eye can spot that I’m not eccentric because I’m creative. They may notice a hint of a tattoo, or an odd inflection. The good thing is that I don’t give it all away.

      Wow, I’m in such disbelief that there would be such detail in choosing a journal!

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