Daily Archives: December 2, 2011

Rapid Cycling Sans Bicycles

The last few days I’ve been averaging 3 mood shifts per 16ish hour period I am awake. Up, down, mixed, down, up, down, and on and on.

I’ve recently had the stomach flu as well, which went away for a time but has returned with a vengeance. I wouldn’t bother writing about that, but I think it may be effecting my lithium levels. I have been having trouble staying hydrated because of it, and yesterday I was having tremors again (which have been long gone, for months at least) and the worst case of lithium brain I’ve had in a while. Every sentence I started had to be cut short because the next word I was going to say would suddenly disappear. Hunting for words that disappear is extremely frustrating, especially when the word is something like, “mailbox” which is right in front of you. Also, related or not, my left eyelid has been twitching for a solid three days, which makes me feel like I look like a total spazoid.

I am also now officially uninsured again.

This means I must begin the dance, the dance where the sick are pretty much screwed and only the well thrive.

The rapid cycling I can probably handle easily enough, but I must concoct a solid plan before January when Seattle winter rears its ugly head and tramples on the souls of the Seattle Bipolarites.

Unfortunately, I must hold off on paperwork for these plans until I have some evidence of my income. I don’t foresee having that for at least another two weeks.

Virginia Mason charity program, you are my only hope.