Daily Archives: November 11, 2011

Employmee Limbo

I am in limbo.

Past the point of being completely disrespected by my employer, but have not yet taken action.

On Wednesday evening a good friend of mine suggested that I sleep on it, because I was feeling outrageously offended and enraged. I stewed for the better part of a day imagining making a huge scene and storming out of my current place of business.

Thankfully the next morning I felt a little different. Still offended, but my rage had turned to cunning. I explored my options, considering transferring to another store, speaking with HR, waiting for the issue to become more of a problem, or quitting outright.

At this point I want to meet with my therapist before making a final decision, but I intend to work my shift tomorrow, if nothing else.

I am also in the process of contacting HR (because I want the final record to show that I at least did that much) and I’m almost curious to see what’ll happen. In my experience, HR has never solved one issue I’ve had with an employer (no matter how unlawful) but they are notorious for making waves in the workplace. If I am on the outs, I wont hesitate to walk away at the drop of the hat if my boss begins to retaliate against me. Unfortunately, so far this guy has been almost impossible to contact. He was out of the office today for veterans day, and yesterday I called 10 times (literally) and the phone was busy the entire day (even after business hours). Very sketchy.

If I feel threatened again at any point I might also print a copy or two of the Americans with Disabilities Act and attach it to my resignation letter when the time comes.

It is a hard situation, but I have dealt with it before. I feel past the point of putting my tail between my legs and running away, because I have nothing to lose. I went in to this job being completely honest with my employer and I don’t need these people. There are other jobs out there.

In my conversation Wednesday I was told:

  • the number of hours I am capable of working is too few and my boss refuses to schedule me for anything less than 10 hours more than the hours I am capable of (this wasn’t an issue until the new manager came).
  • accommodations could happen short term with a doctor’s note but could not be made for me for any prolonged period of time (again, this was not an issue until the new manager came).
  • my boss questions my ability to be able to complete the tasks necessary for the job (I’ve been completing them for the last few weeks haven’t I? How about the year before that at the same employer when I was being begged to be promoted?)
  • I was also challenged directly by my boss to choose between my health and my job. This Tuesday I have a doctor’s appointment but she scheduled me anyway, then told me that even though almost every employee in the store will be working that day she could not allow me to go to the doctor. I told her over the phone this week that I wont be there, and I dare her to berate me about it again.

I honestly believe that it isn’t worth the anxiety at this point. I’d rather have anxiety from being too poor to eat than have this kind of anxiety from work. Anxiety about work is my number one killer every time.

We’ll see what happens.