Pledge of the Pharmacist

You know those moments where you go into an insanely busy pharmacy in the heart of a major metropolitan area and the pharmacist knows you by name?


My friend’s bus driver asked her on a date once (she was engaged at the time, so it wasn’t going to happen), the same way I have stumbled upon this sense of recognition my pharmacist has when he sees me (which is pretty frequently). I wonder sometimes about the amount of information my pharmacist knows about me.

I find it a little creepy, really.

Not in a full-blown total creeper sort of way, but in a general discomfort sort of way. Not my sexually harassing high school teacher kind of way, but a “you aren’t a doctor but you know some very intimate things about me,” way.

I’m sure there is some kind of secret pharmacist oath that they have to take.

3 responses to “Pledge of the Pharmacist

  1. Lol, he sees this all day. I’m sure it’s no biggie. You’re just a regular. And who is he gonna tell anyway?

  2. My pharmacists, all three of them at walgreens (even one of the interns) know my name and ask me how things are going. Sometimes they make cheery comments on my medication to try and perk me up. I figure it’s just because I’m a regular with some rather memorable medications in a college setting.

  3. All of my pharmacists know me by name. I don’t know if it’s the amount of money on the books under my name or the feathered spear that I carry?

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